Bangladesh Ocean Going Ship Owners’ Association

BOGSOA is an association for ocean going ship owners. It was founded in 1989 and its head office is in Dhaka, Bangladesh.BOGSOA currently stand as a prime affiliation for ship owners’ mainly to take all the ship owners’ companies to a higher standard.

Chairman's Message.

Welcome to the Bangladesh Ocean Going Ship Owners’ Association (BOGSOA). BOGSOA commenced its journey in 1989 as an alliance of local shipowners intending to build concordance among its stakeholders. Our core objective is to ensure mutual trust among all of our partners and safeguard our shipping industry. We have been flourishing for over the last three decades and consistently representing various interests of shipping companies of Bangladesh. This association also operates as a hub of organizations that is bridging the gap between local shipping companies and the general public. BOGSOA seeks to fortify the sustainable status quo for its members at the international platform. As a whole, we are working towards providing state of the art facilities in terms of management, transportation, connectivity, security, and technology. I believe this web portal will be resourceful to our members since it is designed to convey information in the most sophisticated way. Concomitantly, it is a guide to newcomers so that they can unite with us spontaneously and enrich the shipping industry of Bangladesh.

Mr. Azam J Chowdhury

Chairman, BOGSOA

Mission & Objectives

  • To protect and promote the interests of its members. It is designed to undertake, maritime related activities which are relevant and beneficial to its members.
  • To promote the interests of shipping in Bangladesh and the rest of the world. To do so, the Association will co-operate and actively engage other maritime organizations both locally and globally.
  • To work closely with government of Bangladesh to protect the extensive maritime interests of Bangladesh and to promote Bangladesh as a maritime hub and international maritime centre.
  • To co-operate with governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote freedom and safety at sea and also to protect the marine environment.
  • To co-operate in flag vessel protection for all vessels.
  • To foster goodwill and maintain congenial relations amongst the members.
  • To enhance competitiveness of BOGSOA as an international centre.


  • Monitor developments in the shipping industry at home and abroad, which have an impact on the interests of its members.
  • Study how the shipping industry can be further developed in Bangladesh.
  • Undertakes competence building activities for the shipping industry in Bangladesh and the region.
  • Represents to national, regional, international and other relevant authorities.
  • Maintaining administrative secretariat to run the Association.
  • Organize Executive Committee Meetings, special Meetings of shipowners’ including Annual General Meetings (AGM).
  • Organize Audit as per the relevant Company’s Act by appointing an auditor.
  • Maintain close liaison with concerned ministries and directorates.
  • Ensure the welfare of all members and maintain a congenial social environment in the sector.
  • To issue certificate of membership.

Rear Admiral A S M Abdul Baten (Rtd) BN,

Secretary General

The Secretariat is maintained by the Secretary General of the association.
The present Secretary General is Rear Admiral A S M Abdul Baten (Rtd) BN,

Contact and E-amil : Office 11/B, Block CWS(A), Road 30, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212.
Email:, Tel : +8802 222261441-3

Office Staffs: Mohadeb Chandra Sarker & Md Shamsul Alam




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